Saturday, May 07, 2011

We had a stow away last night...

Deb Here...

Jim and I left Charleston yesterday bright and early for Oxford, Maryland! Yeah. It felt very strange to be out on the water again after 3+ weeks on land. It took a few hours to get my sea legs back.

About sunset last night, we had a small bird circling the boat, and trying to come in for a landing. Right as the sun went down, he swooped in under the dodger, put his head under his wing, and pretended we were not sitting two feet away. He was a little Swallow, too tired and far from land to make it home last night. Jim gave him a little dish of water, and checked on him every watch, and there he sat all night, puffed up on a line, safe and sound.

This am when Jim saw he had shat upon our boat, he was kicked off.

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