Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There is a reason that Deb does not trust me with the dog!!

Who knew that she would chew through leather and foam to try to get to Beef Jerky??? All that damage in 10 to 15 min!!

We are in Nebraska now. Finally no snow and plenty of clear skies!

The terrain is not as interesting...

Omaha tonight and Deb is flying in to join us! (Lucky for the dog as our relationship is not what it used to be!)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belated Happy Birthday - Morpheus reaches nine!!!

How did we miss this one??  Nine years ago on May 16th Morpheus hit the water for the first time.  Many miles later she is going strong and we are just as happy with her today as we were on that day nine years ago!!

Thanks to all who have sailed on her and help us along the way!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bittersweet Arrival

We can't help but miss him a little more today....

Sandy Hook to American Yacht Club

Somehow I had imagined an entirely different day for our arrival in New York.  But, you take what you get, and it's very difficult for any weather to dampen our excitement as we concluded the first giant phase of our trip. 
With a Summer of friends, racing, and cruising ahead of us, it's great to be able to say that we've made it here safely, AND we are both still talking to one another!!

Some pictures from today's journey....

Verrazano Bridge in Background

Staten Island Ferry

Statue of Liberty


East River

I hate this!

Hurray, we are at AYC!!  (I think)

Less than perfect conditions

Inside NY Harbor

Statue of Liberty in sight!! Yahoo!!
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We are underway!!

Next stop NYC!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still in Sandy Hook

Thank Goodness for iPads, etc.

7:30pm and we are still sitting here in Sandy Hook.  Gibb thought he'd be home for work today, now we are hoping to get him home by noon tomorrow.  The current plan is to catch the flood tide tomorrow AM beginning at about 630am.  If all goes well, we will ride that positive current right through to Long Island Sound.

The breeze is and has been out of the East which means its blowing right down the sound.  Could be a bit of an uncomfortable ride up to Rye, but its time.  The weather man says the wind may be better in the morning...

Stuck in New Jersey again!!

We had hoped to be in Rye, NY celebrating our arrival by now, but mother nature has thrown us a curve ball.  Yesterday's forecast called for patchy fog on the way between Delaware Bay and NYC.  Well, if yesterday was patchy fog, then the "patch" was right over our head all day long!!  The fog was so thick that at times the top of the mast was tough to see.

Thank goodness we had Gibb onboard, as we had to adjust our watch standing to have one person at the wheel and another sitting at the Nav Station watching the radar and chart/AIS displays for traffic.  Given the weather, there were not many boats out, but we did find ourselves dodging a few along the way.

We are now anchored at Sandy Hook, NJ and will sit here until we can see again!!  The weather is not promising.  We have friends behind us in Atlantic City, and it looks like they will certainly be stuck until Friday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Morpheus in the C & D Canal

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Next stop NYC or RYE???

Gibb Kane has joined us and we are off for Rye, NY!!  300+ miles with a predicted arrival of very early Tuesday AM.

Our course will take us North to the top of the Chesapeake, and then through the C&D Canal, down the Delaware Bay, out past Cape May and then North to NYC, up the East River, into Long Island Sound and finally to a mooring off the American Yacht Club.

This is big!!  The end of our journey to the East Coast, and the beginning of our Summer cruising New England.

The weather is grey and gloomy, not perfect.  Lots of showers and chance of thunderstorms.  Definitely not my favorite.  But, the winds are to be in the 10-20 knot range out of the SSE, so once in the ocean we should make good time.