Saturday, November 17, 2007

Washington 37 - Cal 23: Final Thoughts

The 2007 Bears are just plain not a good football team. It's not just the defense that can't stop the run, it's not the quarterback that can't throw more than 15 yards (to his own players), it's not the coaches that don't seem to coach at critical moments, and it's not just the fact that everytime we are inside the 5 yard line we keep trying to run it up the middle. It's all of the above.

This team has lost it's mojo, and I have spent entirely too much time watching.

Cal vs. Washington: Did I mention that its raining

Enroute to game. Pregame announcers laughing about how bad the weather is. They are counting the cars that are LEAVING the stadium!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cal Football: What were they thinking!!!!

Just like water (there is the tie in with sailing) Cal Football has a way of seeking its own level!!
Last night as we sat there watching the battle between Cal and Oregon State, we had it all there for the taking!! We were ranked second behind LSU. LSU had just lost to Kentucky. Oregon State was unranked, and we had every reason to think that we might end that game with a legitimate stadium rocking "We're number one!!" cheer.

Every reason that is except for two. First, Oregon State was playing well and spent much of the game ahead. And, second....our starting QB was out and we were playing with his backup. A backup that was a redshirt sophomore and had never thrown a pass in a PAC-10 game prior to this game!!

In the end, shortly after being down by 10 points, we scored once to reduce the Oregon St. lead to 3pts. We then drove 75 yards to the 15 yardline with 14 seconds left on the clock.
What happened next??

I'd love to tell you that we understood that with 14 seconds, no timeouts, down by three, and with a "freshman" QB playing his first game that we did the safe thing and kicked the field goal to tie and go into overtime. I'd really love to tell you that..... But, no....this is Cal Football!! Something ALWAYS happens as my brother Bob loves to point out!!

So no, with 14 seconds left the coach decided to try for one more shot at the endzone, and for some unknown never to be explained reason that freshman QB decided to run with the ball rather than throw it away when he saw he didn't have an open reciever!!!

What happened??? What do you think happened? The QB got tackled, the clock ran out, and 70,000 people stood stunned not knowing what to do.

We had just lost our shot at the national championship, and perhaps one of a very few legitimate chances at the Rose Bowl in my lifetime!!!
Somehow, I thought it would end differently....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Etchells Racing on San Francisco Bay

We had a really fantastic couple of days of Etchells racing this past weekend. I was joined by Mike Ruff, Joe McCoy, and Rob Moore onboard Agent Smith.

Perfect fall weather, no fog, warm, and just the right amount of breeze. The competition was great, and many of the races saw multiple boats finishing overlaped at the line. Philippe Kahn once again proved hard to beat and won the weekend series. We were lucky to end with a distant second.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Weekend at Tinsley Island

We had a great weekend on Morpheus up at Tinsley Island with the Krags. The only issue was that we realised that it was nicer than we remembered and we wished that we had scheduled a bit more time to stay up there and enjoy. Plenty of breeze for a fast downwind slide to the island on Friday, and then a perfect windless day for the trip home on Sunday.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Beer Can Race!

With each passing week, the temperature for these "races" seems to be getting warmer and warmer, while at the same time the amount of wind seems to be declining to near zero!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

RYC Beercan Race

Perfect evening. A little light on wind for a while, but a great sail and dinner!!