Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Key West Race Week '08 - Bull Riding!!!!!

Key West Race Week '08 - Wasting Time

Key West Race Week '08 - Another day with no racing

Once again I need to figure out how to stay busy in Key West. Humm...what to do???

Key West Race Week '08 - Yesterday

Key West Race Week '08 - Waiting

11am, still no wind, race committee sees no sign of improvement, but plan to keep us out here.

Key West Race Week '08 -

Key West Race Week '08 - Departure

Just watched a boat try to leave the dock with his forward spring line still attached.
Not pretty!

Key West Race Week '08 - A new day

Good morning from Key West!! Sorry for the lack of info yesterday.
Yesterdays results were ultimately not impressive. But...from my point of view we sailed better than I expected and am pleased that we may do better.
All finishes were close and we sailed around in the middle of the B fleet. We just finished in the back of that crowd. Race 3 was a great finish with 90 percent of the boats finishing in about 30 seconds.
Sunny, very light today. We will see....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Today's Winds off Key West

Key West Race Week '08 - No race today!

The fleet rushed out at 1130 with the belief that the winds were dying. Seemed that way on the way out, but once in the starting area the breeze quickly built to low 30s and some said low 40s. So...5 min after we arrived, we we heading back in and the day was cancelled. We reefed the main and lined up with a couple of sisterships on the way in. At least we learned a bit....

Key West Race Week '08 -

1/2 I am surprised. They are sending us out. Stand by for the stories in a few hours. One race only. will be covering o

Key West Race Week '08 - Nap Time

RC to update us in 15 min. Still blowing a steady 30 outside. My guess is we have yet another day off.
How will I fill the time??

Key West Race Week '08 - Day #1: Postponed until at least 11am

Still very windy this am. 25 gusting to 35 on the race course so all boats remain firmly tied to the dock. RC says one race at most today.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Key West Race Week '08 - Elvis is here

Key West Race Week '08 - NO SAILING TODAY SO A STORY...

Big night two nights ago, I didn't realize how big until I heard this story.

One of our crew who shall remain nameless figures he'll do dome laundry before he heads to the boat. He hasn't done laundry for many years, but how hard can it be??? So he goes to do his laundry. Buys soap, get quarters, thinks he's all set. throws the clothes in the machine, dumps in the powdered soap and presses "go".

All seems good.

Later, proud that he did it himself he goes back to change his laundry to dryer. He opens the door and can't quite figure out why he clothes are super warm, still smell bad, and covered in powdered soap!!

He'd put them in the dryer!!!!

Key West Race Week '08 - interesting shot

Key West Race Week '08 - 30 knots in the harbor

Key West Race Week '08 - What I'm not doing today!

Key West Race Week '08 - Davie's Latest Creation

The Mills 37 Naked Flames. Looking good in Key West. Just introduced myself at the boat and met the designer. Very nice to hear that Davie has some new fans!!!! Well done Davie!!!

Key West Race Week '08 - Practice #2 on hold

Gale warnings this am. Watching boats crash trying to leave the harbor. Very amusing!! We are most likely not heading out. Leaves a very long day. Dangerous in Key West!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008