Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pat and Kim at AC World Series

Newport is an interesting place to watch the new AC format and try to decide whether or not it is a good thing or not. 

Yesterday as we watched the new boats racing we could also watch several 12 Meters and a J-Boat sailing in the harbor. 

After one day, I am still not a convert. I'm interested and the new boats are cool. But worthy of carrying the Americas Cup forward?  I'm not there yet. 

So....I will go back today and watch some more!

Ps.  After one race I found myself watching the tv broadcast on the big outdoor screen. It was more interesting. Not a good sign.....

Jim Gregory 

Friday, June 29, 2012


My son Patrick has clearly committed to moving to the East Coast!!!

Jim Gregory 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A black night of squalls and a wall of lightning

crossing the gulf stream at midnight is probably never a good idea.

last night it looked like a scene out of apocolypse now

100 degree wind shifts, velocities from 5 to 35, and a horizon in front of you lit up with lightning for hours. you get the idea. actually, you probably dont. its hard to imagine.

all good here, but our keyboard is dead so dont expect many more updates.

you may notice that we are going slowly. that is by choice. its windy and we are trading speed for comfort.


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bermuda to Newport - June 24th - 10:30am

Lots of rest and recovery going on here on board Morpheus. Conditions are very light and we are motoring with aprox. 100 miles completed of the 630nm trip. Seems like a good time to make a list of our post race activities on Bermuda before we forget!

June 18th
- Finish (in daylight!)
- Party onboard & arrival at RBYC
- Dinner & Drinks at Flanagans Pub
- Sleep

June 19th
- Full day of boat cleanup and transformation into a Cruising Boat.
- Dinner at local Pub with Gibb, Pete McCormick, Casey Fitzgerald, and Chris Smith
- Drinks at the Swizzle Inn
- Sleep

June 20th
- Failed attempts to rent Mopeds
- Cab ride to The Reef Hotel
- Afternoon on the beach with drinks delivered every 30 minutes
- Quick visit to Doug Jorgensen's cocktail party
- Crew dinner in St. Georges
- Close the White Horse Tavern in St. Georges
- Sleep

June 21st
- Hang out at YC and on boat for the day. Visit with many friends!
- Sleep

June 22nd
- Prep for departure
- More friends visiting
- Lunch back at Flanagans
- More prep
- Goslings Party! "Free" food, drinks, 3 bands, and a DJ that went until 3am...
- Sleep

June 23rd
- Final supply runs and boat prep
- Weather checks
- Customs Clearance
- FILL fuel tanks and extra jugs.
- Departure @ 4pm EST

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heading Out

Forecast looks good for a nice easy passage so long was we leave now.

So...we are leaving. Follow us on SPOT!!

Jim Gregory

Description: Morpheus White 4

a picture for you

A picture from our crew dinner a couple of nights ago. Must have been early
as we all look too good!!

Great time...


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alls well. Have been busy enjoying post race activities and visiting with friends. Updates and photos soon...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bermuda Race


The good news is that my sat phone works. The bad news is that we can download position reports and it doesn't look too good for us right now.

Its been a tough ride. More sail changes than ever and challenging conditions.

Our Bermuda Race rookie has the top speed record of 14.7knots and is very pleased with that fact!

One more night. All is not lost, we've got a big night ahead of us skirting a very strong low that is leaving the Bermuda area with some strong winds and a giant wind shift of almost 180 degrees. If we've positioned ourselves well and we stay out of trouble who knows what might happen.

Its been a fun ride. All aboard are happy and fine. It looks like the impossible might happen, Morpheus may finish a distance race in day light!

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Patrick Graduates Today!!!


I can't believe that I called you from the boat today, woke you from a deep deep sleep, and the first thing you said when you figured out it was me was "Happy Fathers Day". You are a good son!!

We are all very proud of you today (and most others as well!).

I hope the graduation went well and that you are now enjoying a great Grad Party in that fabulous house on the beach! Well done.


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Re Modeling

We thought we'd redecorate a bit while the owners are away !

Jim Gregory 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I am happy to be back

Accomplished many things today. Looking good!

Jim Gregory 

A red eye flight plus three hour drive

It's really pretty axing how small this country feels when you get on a plane in calif at 9pm sleep for five hours and land in NY!!

I am back in Newport and already checking projects off my list!!

Jim Gregory 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Congratulations Christopher!!

Christopher is officially a college graduate!!

Way to go Chris!!

The picture below is of Chris and his two godparents - Suzanne Rischman and Gary jones. 

Special thanks to them and everyone that came out to help us celebrate yesterday!!

Jim Gregory 


Ita and I are on a road trip to visit my 1/2 of the family while Jim flies east to get Morpheus ready for the race to Bermuda.

I think I'm winning!

Rest stop.

Ita's favorite place to wait for the gas to finish.


5 miles to go

Will I make it?


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

When we do have to come home

It won't be all bad!  The house is doing fine and it's been great to visit!!

Chris graduates tomorrow!!!!

Jim Gregory 

Sunday, June 03, 2012

I miss my boat!!

So, I guess the way it works is I pack and move everything, while Deb and her friends supervise??

Five days and I'm heading back to Newport!!!

Jim Gregory