Thursday, June 30, 2011

Edgartown - A few photo's to keep Mom happy!

As requested....

Maltese Falcon - Six hours prior to Trans Atlantic start

Sailing out of Newport Harbor

Dylan takes command

Cathy and Megan, and their phones!

Bob and Dylan - Checking out the stars

Edgartown Harbor

Edgartown Harbor

BIRW 2011 - Round the Island

Not much here. Just enough to annoy me that I didn't set this camera up to do more pictures and video DURING our racing!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clothing Optional??

I must admit to being a bit surprised myself, but I also suspect that if more people knew that packing the spinnaker was a clothing optional event the girls below might get just a bit more help!!!

Way to go Kim!!

Lightning Storm

Once again in the better late than never category, here is a video that we took during one hell of a lightning storm that past through during the night while we were anchored one day short of Newport, RI. The thought did cross our minds that we'd traveled a long way only to be blown up the day prior to arrival!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More images from Block Island Race Week 2011

Lots of Beer, not much wind...

Peggy and Lyn Comfort

A windy action shot!


Brian Comfort

Artsy Shot

Waiting for wind...

One of our virgin sacrifices.  We spared her life...

Emily Comfort


Father and Son

Jim and Andrew

Post Race

Dan Hadley

Brian Comfort

Kim and Emily Comfort

Andrew Whittome

Typical Conditions

Eventual Class Winner

Riding the Rail

Eventual Class Winner

View aft during the Round the Island Race

Postponement ??

Lyn and Emily Comfort

Brian and Dan

High Noon

Sleeping Again....


Sleeping AGAIN!!

Where is the wind?

Another artsy shot

High Noon

The Competition

Deb and Chris Gregory

Mt. Gay and Tonic?

The Gregory's at final crew dinner!

Images from Block Island Race Week

Inside "The Oar"

Late Night at the "Yellow Kittens"

Dinner at "Home"

Resting prior to heading out for the night!

Postponed at the Dock...


Waiting for wind....

Postponed on the water....

This trailer once was organized.  Really!

Emily chatting with....????

Post Regatta Dinner

Time to head back to Newport

1BI the classic rounding mark

Mo Pheus!!

Waving the Flag!

Non Virgin Mudslide

Lot's of wind on a relative scale...

The End