Thursday, November 12, 2009

Will the whales have their revenge??

One morning in July 2006 (after the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii), Debbie, Chris, Pat and I left the island of Kauai onboard Morpheus bound for San Francisco 2,000 nautical miles away.

Later that day, just before Sunset, we ran smack into a whale that must have been sleeping near the surface. We were lucky, there was no damage (to the boat) and we didn't stick around long to figure out just how hurt and angry that whale was.

Two evenings later, we found ourselves surrounded by an amazing number of Pilot Whales. Honestly, the pod that we sailed through had to have had at least 100 whales in it. They seemed to find us very interesting and we were all afraid that perhaps they had come to even the score!!

Check out this video, it's amazing!!

Moon Setting over the Grand Canyon