Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stuck in New Jersey again!!

We had hoped to be in Rye, NY celebrating our arrival by now, but mother nature has thrown us a curve ball.  Yesterday's forecast called for patchy fog on the way between Delaware Bay and NYC.  Well, if yesterday was patchy fog, then the "patch" was right over our head all day long!!  The fog was so thick that at times the top of the mast was tough to see.

Thank goodness we had Gibb onboard, as we had to adjust our watch standing to have one person at the wheel and another sitting at the Nav Station watching the radar and chart/AIS displays for traffic.  Given the weather, there were not many boats out, but we did find ourselves dodging a few along the way.

We are now anchored at Sandy Hook, NJ and will sit here until we can see again!!  The weather is not promising.  We have friends behind us in Atlantic City, and it looks like they will certainly be stuck until Friday!

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