Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There is a reason that Deb does not trust me with the dog!!

Who knew that she would chew through leather and foam to try to get to Beef Jerky??? All that damage in 10 to 15 min!!

We are in Nebraska now. Finally no snow and plenty of clear skies!

The terrain is not as interesting...

Omaha tonight and Deb is flying in to join us! (Lucky for the dog as our relationship is not what it used to be!)

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1 comment:

  1. Right.

    Ita did it.

    The oldest excuse in the book. "My dog ate the console."

    C'mon Jim. Do you really expect us to believe that the sweetest,most mild-mannered and best behaved dog on the planet would cause this kind of mayhem?

    I know Ita. Ita is a friend of mine. Ita did not do this damage.

    Far more likely... Jim was suffering from a form of blue water withdrawal, white line fever, and great plains psychosis.This is a dangerous combination that often results in violent rage directed at all things cow - including beef jerky. Anything can trigger it - a cow looking disrespectfully at the car, getting passed by a cattle car, even cow flatulence. Clearly Jim was triggered into a psychotic state, flew into a blind rage, and gnawed through the console. If you expand the picture, the human shaped (not dog shape) bite marks are clearly visible in the vinyl.

    Look - this is understandable. It could happen to anyone on a cross country drive. But to blame poor Ita? Despicable.