Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 8th - 2000 PDT

Now that's more like it!!

We were nervous going into that rollcall this AM. None too happy with the first day's standings we worked our tails off all day and night to keep the boat flying along. Great winds in the 20-25 knot range and didn't hoist the spin. until sunrise this morning!

Debbie - those hats are great!! You have outdone yourself again, wish you could see the pictures. Perhaps at the finish line.

Anyway, we watched our weather info all night, monitored the barometer and picked our spot to get around the SE corner of the high. If we went to close, we'd run out of wind, if we went too wide, we'd sail extra miles. Ugh...

Looks good at this point. We probably could have made the turn a bit more to the North, but by staying south we think we've set ourselves up well for the next few days.

Have spent today with the spinnaker up, pole forward, in 18-24knots of wind.

We have a new speed record for the trip set by Christopher!!! 19.9 knots!!

Guess what...he's having fun!!


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