Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11th - 0800 PDT

Sorry for the long delay between emails. Tough sailing out here. Winds up and down but seem to have been avg. about 13 knots. We are sailing as deep as possible on stbd to stay away from the light air to the north. On the otherhand, we keep wondering why the boats to our north are not suffering as much as we expect??? One thing for sure, the one boat to our south, Lightning, is not suffering at all!!

Yesterday, we shifted from broad reaching to running. Perhaps that will change the balance of power?? We shall see at the 9am rollcall.

Yesterday was also the Ugly Hawaiian shirt contest!! All entries were strong this year and the group photo with your special hats will be a classic. Chris won going away. Johnny was second, and Pete with a shirt that most of us think was not Hawaiian at all was third.

Just passed half way about an hour ago. 1072 miles to the finish line. Half way party today at noon!! As the winner, Chris will be wearing the grand prize when it kicks off!!

Best to all. Let's hope for a decent roll call. Many things could have changed yesterday. We almost gybed south for more pressure. Did anyone else?? Soon we will know.


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