Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11 - #2

Sometimes it seems like nothing is really happening out here. One day often feels like the others, but there have been some events of note recently....

1) Port hand rail forward ripped off deck.

2) One galley cabinet door "fell off".

3) Rob and JC end up with the same exact ugly hawaiian shirt that they both ordered off the internet!

4) Chris has high speed record.

5) JC looking good for rookie of the race.

6) Chris dropped the glass/plastic coffee pot overboard when it slid from its plastic holder!!

7) Bob has solved the coffee problem.

8) Related to 6, we are almost out of instant coffee.

9) Tim likes to steer in a speedo??

10) Half way party soon!!

BTW - we did not like rollcall this AM. We have been living in fear of being to far north and yet the boats there seem to survive. Light winds today, and we are now gybing on all shifts and slowly working our way south more.... We will see!!


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