Friday, October 12, 2012

Why am I so gullible?

Deb here. The trip so far has been OK... not the 5 - 10 I was promised, but, I, of course, being an old hand at this, added 5 knots to everything and decided that was OK. Well, I shoulda' added another 5. We have averaged about 18-22 knots so far,puffs up to 29.9, which actually hasn't been too bad because we've been sailing with the jib up most of the way which really stabilizes the boat. The down side is you have to get used to barreling along at 11 knots of boat speed, in the pitch dark, knowing that if we get a BIG puff we are going to round up. "Buda take the wheel."

Seas are actually pretty good for the Atlantic. Not too choppy. Ita is getting her sea legs back. Unfortunately we have been on port tack most of the trip, and Starboard (the low one almost in the water) is her "side" of the boat. She has been a little reluctant to do her business, but, everything works out eventually. Jim is such a trooper!

Thanks again to Everyone at home who helped/are helping us with this passage. Thanks to Guy's wife for letting him join us! He's a trooper. Always up and replaces me 10 min early!! WooHoo! Gibb Kane whos doing our weather! Tory Kane who let me use her kitchen to cook. And Kim Comfort, Comfort Food, who provisioned part of the trip. We've been eating like kings! Guy wants the recipe for the Big Soup!

This is too long, so gotta cut off there. 130 miles to go, and a few squalls.

Love and Best to you all!


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  1. Guy Rittger2:44 PM

    I have to say that we're talking one tasty vegetable soup. No question, we'll be eating it at my house 2-3 times a week for a long while. Great way to finish off the 5-7 PM watch or start the 11PM-1AM watch. Thanks for doing the warming up duties Deb!