Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why is that bilge pump coming on so often??

That was the question that Debbie asked me yesterday afternoon a few hours after our departure. Once again we had escaped the clutches and safety of a nice marina and were back on our way North!

I told Deb it was probably just the result of the little bit of rain we'd had early in the day, but she countered with "This is the third time its come on in 5 minutes!". Humm...that's not normal.

I stuck my head below to take a look and right away heard a strange whooshing noise from up forward. The forward hatch was cracked open and gallons of water were rushing below with each wave!! Not good!

It turns out that after passing the rolled up dinghy below to Deb through the hatch, I had "dogged" it closed with all four latches. But...Deb had not seen that and assumed it was still unlocked. So, she carefully unlocked all four handles!!

Ultimately no harm done. Although she has a very wet bed and that is sin number one around here in her book!!

Conditions are as forecast. Winds of about 12-16 knots just North of East. Lots of East to West current though that is keeping us sailing pretty close to the wind and therefore living life at a 30 degree angle.

Beautiful day! We are both hoping to make it all the way to Key West, but will let the weather determine whether or not that is a good idea.

Enjoy your Sunday,


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