Friday, July 25, 2008

Pacific Cup '08 - Midnight - No Moon - Plenty of Squalls!

The sailing keeps getting better and better out here with each passing day. Such is the way with the Pacific Cup, and I am sure the Transpac. By the time we finish, we'll almost be ready to do it again!!
Had some fun this afternoon at Drake and JC's expense. Tim was driving and took us down a wave fast. Ended up planting the bow in the wave in front and flooding the foredeck with a few inches of water. This had not happened for a couple of days, so the guys below off watch were sleeping with the ports open. Water started to pour down on JC on the stbd side, and Drake thought that was really funny. Right up to the moment that a couple of buckets of water came in the other side and landed on him!!
This evening as we enjoyed our second night of freeze dried food, we could see a building collection of squalls off to leeward and behind. We knew we were in for a fun night and that's what it's been.
Gybe to get in front of one, gybe to stay in front, gybe back and start looking for the next one. All that while managing we hope to keep pointing the boat at or near the finish line.
It's warm now even at night, no jacket required!! Occasionally rain comes along with the squalls, but nobody seems to mind. Showers are tough to come by out here. Fresh water is welcome. Even the boat appreciates that!!
We are all beginning to look forward to the finish and KYC. But...we have a bit more work to take care of soon!!
- Jim
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