Sunday, May 18, 2014

Leaving Barcelona Tomorrow

I'll admit that there have been times that I thought we might never escape from Barcelona.

 It is such a great city, and the perfect place for visitors to join us.  (Visitors while in Barcelona have included Deb's brother Dan, Deb's sister Nina, Suzanne Rischman, Denise Quackenbush, and most recently Dave and Betty Rasmussen.)

Last year, we came for what we thought would be a week maybe two.  And we ended up staying a month and a half before flying home for six months.  Now, we've returned and spent another two weeks putting the boat back together.  Tomorrow, we leave!!  Really, this time I mean it.

Our friends Ulf and Sara from Seville are arriving this evening.  We plan to head out tomorrow afternoon with them onboard for one or more weeks cruising the Balearic Islands.  Menorca will be our first and primary destination.  Majorca (probably Palma) will also be part of the tour.

If all goes as planned two weeks down the road, Deb and I will point the bow towards France and will leave not only Barcelona, but Spain behind for a while.

I suspect we will return at some point.  We have certainly enjoyed every bit of our time here in Spain!


Jim Gregory 

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