Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pacific Cup '08 - Another Day in the Pacific High

Day #6 of our journey finds us 963 miles from Hawaii, and 1266 miles from San Francisco.
As usual we spend most of our day learning new ways NOT to catch a fish. I will let Mike describe the events of the day, but should mention to Chris that we've already lost 600+ feet of his high test line, and his lure collection will need some "enhancement" upon our return. Fear not, his birthday is 8/16!!
We've also become very good at clearing sections of net from our propeller. Nice that Mike feels so comfortable swimming around taking pictures of the boat and birds in the area. I do not really have any desire to add myself to the oceans food chain.
Still dealing with very light winds. Had hoped to catch the tail of a low sliding over the top of us today. Perhaps we will miss it?? Rage was reporting 35 knots only 100 miles to our North last night. Where is our wind?? Initial 160 gallons of fuel now down to about 120....
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