Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cabo Race Report #2

And there was much rejoicing!!!

Yes! The position reports on the morning roll call made us all very happy here on Morpheus. We'd sailed through a pretty tough night with everything from zero to twenty knots of wind and seemingly from all directions. We had NO IDEA how we were really doing, but kept thinking we were imagining things when 70 footers seemed to be crossing our bow all night. Perhaps not enough sleep??

So, it appears that the inside route really did pay dividends as we had been led to believe prior to the start. You all can see much more than we can via the internet site, but it looks like those that bet on the traditional outside route didn't do quite as well.

This morning we had hoped to be in position to hit the beach hard prior to the wind shutting down, but found ourselves "stuck" out about 12 miles. That was not good and we watched lightning and Cipango sail away over the horizon in wind that we never reached. Ouch...

Looks like continued challenging (light) conditions for the next day or two. Plenty of time to catch them again!!

Lot's of fun, and a happy crew!!


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