Friday, July 12, 2013

Atlantic Crossing - The Azores to Cascais, Portugal

Finally, the video editing is over for a while!!

Here is a slideshow covering the last leg of our trip.  Unfortunately, Mike hurt his shoulder on this leg.  It was early on, I think morning of day #2?  He went down hard.  Early signs were not good.  He couldn't lift his arm without lots of pain, his ribs hurt and he wasn't too happy.  But, with a bit of help from "Doctor" Bob, he was back on watch after only missing one term.  (Note:  Mike ended up requiring Rotator Cuff Surgery after returning home.)

Other than Mike's injury, the last leg was flawless and we roared into Cascais, Portugal on a broad reach in 20+ knots of wind on a warm sunny day!! 

The perfect finish to a nearly perfect trip across the Atlantic Ocean!!

Morpheus - ATlantic Crossing - Azores to Portugal from Jim Gregory on Vimeo.