Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Plans" beginning to take shape!!

Things are all beginning to fall into place for our return to Morpheus and the beginnings of our journey this Summer.

  1. Deb's brother Dan has quit his job and plans to sail with us for 2-3 months!
  2. Our airplane tickets are purchased.  We leave for Barcelona on May 9th.
  3. Morpheus is scheduled to be launched on May 11th.
  4. We know our first destination will be Gibraltar to reset the EU Customs Area required 18 month clock for visiting boats that don't wish to pay a 25% import fee.
  5. After that things are flexible but we are heading towards Sicily.  
  6. Most likely there will be stops in Ibiza (Dan's not about to miss that place!) and southern Sardinia.
  7. Research has shifted into high gear and our Master Cruise Map has been updated with destinations and points of interest for Sicily.
  8. After Sicily we'll be off for Greece, and hopefully Turkey.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Morpheus Cruising Plans for 2015

Hello!  Is anybody still out there?

We've been very quiet on the blog this year, but it's now time to start turning our thoughts back towards the boat and our cruising plans for 2015.

The house projects are over, and we've leased the house again for another year.

We plan to fly back to Barcelona in early May, and the big news is that Deb's brother Dan has decided to join us for a month or two!  We are thrilled to have him on-board, both for his company and for the additional help as we have plenty of miles to cover early in the season.

Our very loose plan is shown below.

More updates as we get closer to departure time.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heading South

We are on our way to San Diego to visit Deb's Dad and do a bit of Etchells sailing with Andrew Whittome. 

We drove through LA yesterday and it was 84 degrees!!

Jim Gregory 

Friday, February 06, 2015

Time Out

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. 

Debbie and I are taking a bit of a break from boats and blogging.  

Our tenants in California have left, and we are in California for a while to get the house ready for the next set of tenants. 

Once the house is ready, we will most likely head back to Florida, and then back to the boat for another season in the Med. 

This year we hope to visit Sicily, Greece, and Turkey. 

Let us know when you will be visiting!!

Jim Gregory 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Depressing and Cold

Jim Gregory 

Still Here!

We've been very quiet lately. 

I'll try to fill in some details from the past month over the next few days. 

We've just finished a week in the BVIs onboard Gibb Kane's new boat. 

Today we fly to California to visit family and friends.

Jim Gregory