Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Greece for Deb

All of the islands have their own flavor. Some are very dry. Some are really very green with lots of fresh water springs, especially for the middle of summer. All of the islands and winds are hot! Chap Stick is a must these days. And LOTS of conditioner in the hair. Even though the islands may be dry, we are finding that as you are snorkeling along in an anchorage, you will hit very cold, fresh water springs coming up through the ocean floor. You can see them through the salt water, and they are so cold they give you a brain freeze as you swim through them.

Every afternoon the thunder heads build up over the mainland, and between 5-8 pm we have quite a light show about 10 miles away, and a bit of wind to keep us alert. Tonight we are hoping to go into a taverna for dinner after the lightning calms down. Gyros for 2 euros! What a great deal.

We are Buddy Boating with our New Zealand friends Paul and Amanda who have lived in Greece in the past. They are helping us with our Greek pronunciation and our food ordering prowess! (I usually just point at the menu!). They also are great organizers, so Jim and I just follow their lead and have poked our bow into some very cool little harbors.

We are having tons of fun. Greece is good


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Check-in/OK message from SPOT Morpheus2

GPS location Date/Time:07/25/2015 05:38:10 PDT

Message:Just wanted you to know that all is well. Everything is good!

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Ready for Adventure

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trial Separation

All good things must end sometime.

Google has ignored its "Blogger" application for years now and some recent problems have convinced me that now may be the time to switch platforms for our "Morpheus Sailing Blog".

So...for at least the next week or so, the new (and possibly improved?) blog can be found at 

We will give this a try and see how it works out before making a final decision.  If you have an opinion, please leave us a comment at the new blog.


-Jim and Deb

Monday, June 08, 2015

La Formentera Video

La Forementera is the Southern most Balearic Island, just to the South of Ibiza.  We arrived their last week from Gibraltar.  It is one of our favorite places in the Med. thus far.  The area that we anchored in was basically a very long spit of sand that extended out from the main island and was surrounded by clear blue beautiful water.  There are three of four restaurant/bars along this area and that's it.

But, what a nice change from the ticky tacky, fish and chips, tourist world of Gibraltar!!

I've strung a few video clips together in the video below.  Not my greatest work, but quick and dirty sometimes gets the job done.