Friday, May 10, 2013

Landfall Horta, Azores

Landfall Horta, Azores - Report from the Captain

We are here!! 2500 ocean miles behind us and we have arrived!!

All are healthy, boat damage limited to one full batten attachment bolt, a batten end cap, and one small fitting on the radar reflector.

It is cold, grey, raining every once in a while, etc.

I continue to wonder why I thought this was a great idea....

We have cleared Customs, Immigration, etc.

Bob Branstad can't wait to leave to make sure that he makes his Mom's 100th Birthday Party on the 11th.

We will soon move to our assigned slip, and he will then head to the airport.

Official Greeter for Port of Horta
Stand by for photo's etc, but it may take a day. I plan to celebrate this arrival.

- Jim
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