Monday, May 27, 2013

Cascais and Lisbon - Misc Update and Photos

Well, for a few days, it's back to just Deb and myself here on Morpheus.  Kim and Mike are back home and already busy in the "real world", while Bob is off doing a bit of sightseeing for a couple days.

We can't thank these guys enough for basically taking a month out of their busy lives to jump on-board and help deliver Morpheus safely across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe.  It was a fantastic journey with a great and compatible group that enjoyed the adventure.  Thanks guys!!

We have been busy here in Cascais.  There is plenty to see and do.  It is definitely a small vacation beach town.  Lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants.  While not touring, or eating, we've managed to install a "back up" battery charger that is compatible with European shore power.  We have also taken advantage of the fact that we are in a slip with access to fresh water (yes!), there has been a bit of house cleaning going on as well.

Clearly, I have enjoyed the availability of a stand in blogger to keep things up to date and interesting.  Mike loves to share the experience and does so while entertaining.  Perhaps I should hire him to return and document the next few months??

I don't think I've posted much since the day we arrived, so to catch up a bit I think I'll just let a few pictures talk for themselves below.  

These should provide a decent idea of what the last days on the water, and the past few here in Cascais have been like...

The Perfect Evening Watch

Kim getting ready to cook one last meal!

Mike - beginning to embellish the injury story already.

Kim - Ready for her watch

On watch - Everything is fine!


Another Amazing Sunset

Land Ho!!

Atlantic Ocean --- Done!

Morpheus happy in her slip

View looking West from the Cascais Marina

Typical street view in Cascais
Cascais Harbor

Harbor Panorama

Entrance to the fort above the marina