Monday, May 27, 2013

Departures (by guest blogger Mike Wallach)


Sunrise Cascais
 The crew take separate paths as the journey comes to a close.

Jim and Deb work on some boat repairs while transitioning Morpheus back to their home away from home.  Which is actually their real home.

My last couple of days on Morpheus include relaxing, updating the blog, shopping and continuing to indulge in Caiscas cuisine.

We stumble on an eclectic little place with a rooftop lounge and decided it was my favorite find  in Cascais. The House of Wonders.

Art on display at House of Wonders

"I'll make a tapas plate for you."
Sunset from the rooftop of the House of Wonders
A great finish to an extraordinary adventure. It's an early start tomorrow - back to Lisbon and flying home.

Moonrise Cascais