Saturday, August 02, 2014

Meandering thru Monaco

We have been here for a couple of days now.

There are two marinas in Monaco.  One is the big marina right in the middle of everything in a natural harbor that fills the space between the Prince’s Palace and the famous Casino of Monte-Carlo.

The other is just around the corner on the opposite side of the Prince’s Palace.  It is beautiful, quiet, and yet just a 5 minute walk and you are in the middle of everything. From the marina you look up at the Palace of the Prince, and the rock is lit by colored lights at night. Really a very cool site.

Guess which marina we selected?

Monaco hosts the Grand Prix of Monaco each year and the last time that I visited was during that event in 2001.

Right now, things are a bit different, and this is the best racing that I’ve been able to come up with!!
monaco3 006monaco3 007