Monday, March 18, 2013


This may surprise a few of you, but we actually do not go sailing all that often...

Morpheus has a few modes, but most of the time she is in "house mode" and its a big deal to switch from that to "sailing mode" where she is ready to go offshore without things flying around.  So, its takes a bit to motivate us to pick up the anchor and go sailing.

Well, Saturday  was one of those days, and all the stars lined up for us!!

We needed to get back to the BVI's to meet some guests over the next few weeks.  The forecast for Sunday was WINDY so that motivated me from a "get there and go kitesurfing point of view", the seas were very calm, and the winds for the trip were forecast to be 10-15 knots on the beam.  Wow, we even got a beam reach thrown in!  (For some unknown reason, the wind always seem to blow either from where you are going, or where you have been.)

It was a spectacular sail.  I can't exaggerate here, it was perfect!!!
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