Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Dinghy Finally Arrives!

It's here! Finally!

After being beggars for the past month and borrowing a dinghy from the very
friendly folks managing the Moorings office on Saba Rock, we finally have
our own functional dinghy.

 It was over a month ago that the 10 year old
dinghy that we have decided it was time to fall apart. Within days, the inflatable floor sprung a huge tumor which soon became a throne seat for ourdog "Queen Ita", and then the transom board which is glued into the inflatable tanks decided to start "ungluing", and then the handles on the
side started falling off. Ouch, I guess the glue that they use to put all this together has a very specific lifetime and we had reached ours.

The new dinghy is also from Zodiac and since they no longer sell the same
model that we've had, we opted to step up a bit to the same design but six
inches longer. Well, let me tell you. We got more than just a slightly
longer dinghy. This new one is a battleship compared to the old one. More
beam, more storage volume, and much bigger tanks which really make it

So far we are thrilled with everything. Everything that is except the
color. Humm....that's going to take a bit of getting used to!!