Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Answer to last weeks "Visione" quiz!

The reason that really big boats like Visione need to ensure that there is a line running down from a man being hoisted up the mast is pretty counter intuitive.

The man being hoisted is usually being lifted via a halyard that runs from a winch on the deck, up the mast through a block at the top and then down to the crew's bosun's chair. 

It seems that at some point, as the person is hoisted up the mast, the weight of the halyard line running down the mast from the top becomes greater than the combined weight of the crew person being hoisted and the line running down from the top of the mast to his chair.

Without a hold down line, he would accelerate uncontrollably up the mast until he slamed into the top and most likely was severely injured.

I wonder who figured this out the first time????