Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St. Martin to St. Thomas - Tonight!

It's time to start moving again!!  It's actually been very interesting over the last week or so to see so many of the larger yachts heading off to Europe or the US.  It seems like a switch has been thrown and suddenly everyone is leaving.  We are beginning to think that we may have missed the memo!

The marinas here in St. Martin look to be about half full and getting more and more empty.  This place must be very very different during the Summer.

Anyway, tonight (in a few minutes) we take off for St. Thomas.  We are heading there to have some safety gear inspected and recertified and then it will be off for Bermuda and then Newport, RI on or about April 28th.

So for those of you into such things, watch our progress tonight on "SPOT"!!

See you on the other side....

-Jim and Deb