Monday, March 05, 2012

Alone again!

Lisa and Andy
 Yesterday was a busy day of sailing and goodbyes.

In the morning, I had to say goodbye to Lisa and Andy who were heading home on the 230pm flight.  Their 10 days with us flew by, and I think we all wish we could have extended their vacation.  10 busy fun days, no hassles, and lots of good times.

Then it was off to the races onboard the Swan 56 Olivia Lee.  We were the small boat in a division with two 100 footers and a 90 foot racer/cruiser.  Those big boats were fun to watch, but we didn't see much of them after the starts!!  At yesterdays start in 25 knots of wind we saw almost too much of one of them.  One of the 100 footers approached the line early and attempted to duck the committee boat with a minute and a half to go right as it was hit by a 25+ knot gust.  Their main did not go out in a hurry and the helmsman could not get the bow down.  It absolutely looked like they were going to t-bone the committee boat at about 14 knots, when finally the main was eased and them missed by a matter of feet (perhaps inches)!!!

To keep the 100 footers happy the RC set LONG upwind courses for our division.  Good for them, not so good for us.  Remember we were the small boat in the class.  I've had enough upwind sailing now for a couple of weeks.

We ended up 8th in class I think, but that wasn't really all that important.  We were all just happy to be out sailing in big breeze, and the most amazingly beautiful conditions that you could imagine.  I'll try to track down some photos as the water color and boats put on quite a show!!

Matt Coudert
Special thanks to my friend Matt Coudert for throwing my name out as a potential crew member on Olivia Lee.  Great bunch of guys and nothing but fun over three days of sailing.  It was especially great to be back on a boat with Matt.  I don't think we've sailed together in close to 15 years.  It would have been nice to share a Heineken or two with Matt following yesterdays race, but work and family called him away immediately as he was in the dinghy and on his way to the airport before the boat even reached the dock!!

Great times with great friends.  Who's coming next???