Monday, October 31, 2011

It's good to have friends!!!

Kim Comfort

Kim Comfort joined us once again for our trip to Bermuda.  

She just might inspire us to start a Frequent Guest Program onboard Morpheus.  Perhaps we will offer free drinks to those that travel with us the most?   Kim visited us in California shortly before we left, then met us in Panama to join us on our trip through the Canal and a week in the beautiful San Blas Islands.  She also spent about a week with us onboard this Summer as we cruised around the end of Long Island.  

She is definitely our Most Frequent Visitor!  

We are especially thankful that she joined us during our recent trip to Bermuda.  Because, when the "shit hit the fan", she was calm, cool and collected.  No complaints. Just tell me what we need to do.  Even, during  the worst parts of the storm, she had no issues grabbing the wheel and driving through some pretty difficult stuff.

Thanks Kim.  There's always a spot for you on-board Morpheus!!

-Jim and Deb