Thursday, August 25, 2011

Morpheus and Hurricane Irene

Thanks to everyone for your calls and emails regarding our safety.  I think we've got things pretty much under control.

It's sort of a good news bad news thing right now.  The Hurricane projections are shifting West so the chances of a direct hit seem to be fading.  However, that puts us on the Eastern side of the Hurricane which is much worse than the Western side.  It will mean stronger winds and more of a storm surge which will increase an already significant tide given the New Moon on Sunday.

The balance of the American Yacht Club cruise was cancelled this morning.  This is good news for me as I had already decided to bail and head for Newport.  At least now, I will not have to worry about everyone thinking I blinked first!

We are on the list at New England Boatworks to be pulled out of the water tomorrow.  I called my insurance agent and suggested that they might want to split the fees with me.  Guess what?  They agreed!

Deb and I have spent the afternoon, taking the sails off and clearing the decks of everything possible to reduce windage.

Prior to being lifted we plan to fill our fuel and water tanks.  After getting out of the water, I will probably fill the bilge with water.  All this to keep the affect of windage on the mast from blowing our boat over on the stands.  I will also look to take halyards from the top of the mast to strong points on the ground to help with the same thing.

This is all my Mothers fault!  Or, so I will have fun claiming when I see her soon.  She was scheduled to join us Monday and apparently she dragged along this hurricane in her luggage.  It's a big disappointment as we had been looking forward to a week of cruising to Block Island, Long Island, and Edgartown.  Now the boat is probably out of the water until Tuesday best case!!

Keep your fingers crossed for Morpheus! 

Most recent weather forecast below....

Eastern Long Island and Newport
1) Strongest winds, likely hurricane force (70-90 mph) around Long Island, tapering down to 50-70 mph around Newport and southern RI
a) the brunt will occur later Sat night over Long Island and Sun Newport
2) A big storm surge expected and will be a problem (maybe 9-12 ft)
3) Rainfall amounts up to 3-5'' possible
Possible winds - time is EDT and wind speeds in kts


Marthas Vineyard and Cape Cod
Western LI sound
050-080/20-25, gusts 30
070-090/20-25, gusts 30
080-100/20-25, gusts 40
040-060/22-30, gusts 35
090-110/25-35, gusts 40
100-120/25-35, gusts 45-50
060-090/25-35, gusts 40
120-140/30-40, gusts 50
130-150/40-60, gusts 50
060-090/35-50, gusts 60
140-160/35-45, gusts 55
160-180/30-40, gusts 50-60
060-090/40-60, gusts 75+?
180-200/40-60, gusts 75+
190-210/40-60, gusts 70-75+
Variable 5-15 close to Eyewall
190-220/30-40, gusts 50
200-220/30-40, gusts 50
180-210/30-40, gusts 50

220-250/20-30 g40-45
220-250/25-40, gusts 40-45
230-250/20-30 gusts 40